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ZAL - Shipping Services Management System
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Connect with OnfoLab
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Three simple steps to launch your application:

1- Select a username and password to access the application

User name:

Enter the username you will use to login to the application (3-20 chars). You will be able to create additional usernames for your co-workers.


Enter password for above user.

Confirm password:

Confirm the password you entered.


Enter your email address. Please provide a valid email in order to receive application updates and any important correspondence.

2-  Get your support code   

Save your support code. You will be prompted for this code every time you re-install the application. You will also need it to install the application in your co-workers PC's.

3-  Download your application

Run the downloaded file to setup and launch the application: Now, enter your transactions, run your reports and manage your business.