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Use cloud-based applications: Zero setup cost; No administration overhead

Shipping & transportation

An integrated application for shipping companies. Track your shipments, manage your trips and follow-up your prepaid and post-paid charges. Communicate the service status easily and smoothly with your customers and allow them to inquire online about it.
General accounts

This is a generic accounting application where you post your journal vouchers then print all standard accounting statements and closing reports. It support multi-level approvals for vouchers. Accounting periods are closed by admin user and all transactions within the closed period are locked. Reports can be generated for yearly, quarterly or monthly periods. Comparison reports between different periods are available.
General trading

An ERP system for general trading business that covers sales, purchases, stock control, debtors, creditors and cash. Print your invoices and receipts from the system and get all debtors, creditors, cash, bank and stock accounts directly updated. Cost and revenue is analyzed for each product (or category). The application has different versions to suit specific types of stores and services.
HR and payroll

To manage your staff and all the related information such as contracts, payroll, additional payments, absence, vacations… The system saves much time spent in preparing payroll, calculating overtime payments, reconciling vacations and printing standard letters and documents.
Car rental

An ERP solution for car rental business that is centered at the rental contract and all items of rental invoice (period of rent, mileage, extra time, traffic fines, tollgates…). Every open contract is considered as a debtor and the running balance is calculated on daily bases for better follow-up. Data from traffic violations and tollgate sites are imported directly. The profit of each car as a separate cost center allows better analysis of your business. Electronic copies of customer ID’s and licenses save a lot of unnecessary paper storages and printing expenses.