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ZAL - Shipping Services Management System
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Connect with OnfoLab
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Reception of shipments

  • Issuing and printing of shipments delivery notes.
  • Printing labels and stickers for the shipment.
  • Follow-up of all payments made on behalf of client (e.g. for packaging, internal transportation,...).
  • Identifying responsibility for any received goods.

Settlement of charges

  • Issuing of shipping invoices.
  • Including all payments made on behalf of client in the invoice (e.g. for packaging, internal transportation,...).
  • Follow-up of payments of charges paid by sender (pre-paid) and by recipient (on delivery).
  • Supports credit clients.
  • Managing of credit amounts for branches and clients.

Trips management

  • Supports shipping by owned and rented vehicles. In addition to shipping by containers.
  • Supports private trips (to one recipient) and shared trips (to multiple recipients).
  • Transporter charges are posted against the trip.
  • Follow-up of departure and arrival date/times for every trip
  • Printing packing lists and distribution lists in multiple formats as required by different parties.

Communication with clients

  • Easy and powerful inquiries about any shipment.
  • Enables your client to check their shipments status directly from a dedicated web page.
  • Possibility to communicate through group SMS and email with clients upon arrival of shipments.

Agents and representatives

  • Identifying the agent for every shipment.
  • Summarized and detailed reports about every agent shipments.

Archive and reports

  • Complete archive of shipments.
  • Complete register of all clients: senders and recipients.
  • A set of complete analytic and operational reports for any required period.

Integrated solutions

  • Possibility to link the system with accounting system (or other related applications).
  • Connecting all branches and offices in one database
  • Web based solution that can be deployed on your private server.
  • Multiple levels of user access rights and data security.

With our system you guarantee

  • All required packing lists and forms are promptly issued.
  • Easy inquiries about any shipment
  • Effective and economical communication with clients
  • Complete operational and analytic reports
  • Managing of credit amounts for branches and clients
  • Follow-up of payments of charges by senders or recipients
  • And much more…
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